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a friend remembered

Wow I haven't posted here in years.

I don't know who is still here nor how many of you belong to Mock the Stupid, but the founder of that community, Katherine Howard, died unexpectedly a few days ago.

I knew her from a board we both belonged to since the mid-90s and her reach on the Web was vast. She provided some of the original design for LJ, as well as creating MTS and many other well-known sites. "OpalCat" was an amazing painter and artist in several mediums - truly a natural and rare talent - and one of the most memorable characters online. Some people liked her, some did not - but they ALL remembered her.

If you have any fond memories of MTS or appreciate her contributions to LJ or just online in general and want to leave a message, her obituary and guestbook are at http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/tucson/obituary.aspx?pid=163698930 .

Many sympathies to her family, mom, son D, soul mate J, good friend and ex-husband R, D, and her kitties whom she loved so very much.

test move along nothing here

I'm just testing doing a post from the iPhone app. this is me reflected in a trash can at the Renaissance Hollywood hotel, where I stayed last week in la. note how it doesn't say "trash.". my friend gina is in the reflection too. she looves all things space, so funny that the trash cans were like that.

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Waffle House, here I come

Well here's some news I can post about: I'm moving to Atlanta (from Boston) in a few weeks. I guess about the middle of September. I bought another house and will be selling the one I have now. Got a good deal, it's next door to my sister, and I will now have an automatic built-in pet sitter. (She will too, from me.) Also my sister has a dog so I can kind of go "halvsies" on her with it, I get all of the joy of having a dog but none of the expense!

My last day here at my job is August 27. Then I'm off to Chicago for NIN for a few days, then back for a couple of days, then in LA for 5 days for NIN again. That damn band is going to stop touring for a while and frankly I am GLAD. Trent Reznor has cost me a shitload of money this year, not to mention the past 20. :-D Counting my upcoming trips, I will have seen them play 27 times in 10 months. That is a record for me. But it all worked out so well and was very very worth it. I hope to be shooting them again, probably in Chicago, if my person gets the pass worked out.


That's all I got. xoxo

Back from the underworld

So, I haven't logged in to LJ in 2 weeks and before that I logged in & caught up and then it had been 2 weeks since the previous time I logged in. I've just been really really busy. I was traveling every weekend for 6 weeks to NIN/Jane's Addiction shows, plus shooting at Bonnaroo for The Huffington Post, and I'm pretty much still asleep after all that. But aside from the recent not-logging-in state I've been in, I do normally read even if I don't post often.

My mom is in the hospital and had her gall bladder out. She's down in Atlanta now living with my sister, who is 5 minutes from the hospital, so that is a huge help to me. I was formerly the closest (2.5 hours away) and it was an incredible amount of stress being in that position. It's "close" enough to be the one who has to take care of everything, but far enough to be a giant pain in the ass to deal with it. So now she's living in Atlanta, says she doesn't miss CT at all, and she has a really good setup there. Separate apartment, my sister's dog (who LOVES my mom & vice versa) to hang with, her own cat with her, my sister's cats (who also love my mom--animals are drawn to her in an almost spooky way), my sister drives her anywhere, they go out, etc. So it's a big relief to me that she's taken care of.

She's actually pretty loopy in the hospital and fairly disoriented--I think it's a combo of being elderly and in a different environment and on drugs. Normally she's pretty damn sharp. The hospital is making her crazy so we're looking forward to getting her home.

As I mentioned, I shot Bonnaroo for HuffPo, which was both incredibly fun and a huge amount of work. Bonnaroo is hot, filthy, and tiring. But overall it was fun. I swore I would never go back (WAY too dirty for me, and I didn't even camp there) but now that it's passed, it doesn't seem as bad as I thought. Maybe next year.

I also did a backstage thing with Nine Inch Nails while I was there, plus shot them on another photo pass, and had a fantastic time with that. That was their last US show maybe forever, so it was special to be a part of it and to be backstage (and watching from ON stage) to boot. I really love those guys. In case you didn't realize this about me I better point it out. LOL.

Also had an amazing time shooting Jane's Addiction at 10 shows.  I forgot how much I love them. And they were MAGNIFICENT to photograph. Many, many thanks to all of them and Dave especially for making sure I got good pictures. He can pick out a camera a mile away. :-D

Oh and Trent ran over to me and gave me a tambourine at the Holmdel show, which makes up for years of near-misses. And trust me, being HANDED the tambourine specifically, with Trent standing in front of you waiting for you to take it from his hand so he can run back and start singing his next song, which the band is already playing, is a million times better than just catching one that he randomly throws out to the audience, not caring who it lands on.  It shocked the hell out of me. Thanks Trent, and thanks Robin especially, and Justin, and Ilan. I will miss those guys so much.

And here's a picture of Dave and Perry. You know how it's a coup when you get the band to actually look straight at you even once? Well I must have a hundred like this! :-)

Dave Navarro & Perry Farrell | Jane's Addiction

Hope everyone is well. I'll try to catch up on reading, and not let it get behind again. xoxo

I was lucky to be able to shoot four shows of The Pogues (Atlanta, DC, and twice in Boston) over the past couple of weeks. Here are a few of my favorites; you can see more on my music site and Flickr.  The Pogues along with NIN are my two favorite bands in the entire world, ever, and to have been able to shoot both of them multiple times has been a highlight the past year for me. 

This was the first time I'd shot at any of the three venues. Of the three I liked the 9:30 Club in Washington the best--nice low stage, pretty decent lighting, fairly wide pit. The Tabernacle in Atlanta had a nice pit but the stage was incredibly high; very difficult to see over (and I'm about 5'9" in my boots). The new House of Blues in Boston was pretty nice to shoot from and a *great* place to watch. There is not a bad seat or blocked sightline anywhere in the whole venue.

And for those who didn't get my stunned Twitter posting, they dedicated a song to me on St. Patrick's Day. Yes I am telling everyone as many times as I can. :-D It's not often I get songs dedicated to me, in fact, it's never. So gotta get the word out. ;-)  I was also invited to the aftershow twice, had my tickets comped a few times, and met many wonderful people from the Pogues' organization as well as people from a couple of forums I frequent.  It apparently pays to act normal and non-creepy. 

Click any for large. Additional images and writing at meowhousemedia.com.

Terry Woods & Shane MacGowan

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6th picture on 6th page of Flickr

There's some meme going around, and I usually hate memes, but this one isn't bad and I haven't posted in decades so am using the opportunity to do so.

This is one of the many pictures I took of Nine Inch Nails over the course of about 6 weeks of going around the country to their shows. This is one of their most iconic songs, "Reptile," and one of the few shots I ever got during that song as it's usually completely green lighting therefore and hard to get good pictures from.

NIN | Reptile | Justin Meldal-Johnsen & Trent Reznor

Click here for large original size.  Looks better large. 

Everything else going good. Hope you all are well. I read your journals all the time even if I don't comment. Some of you I think I know more about what's going on with your lives than members of my own family, LOL. I am hating this fucking New England weather more and more and would like to move somewhere warm where it never snows by next year. Perhaps Atlanta or LA.  I had a fantastic time with NIN and hope to see them again in April when they start touring again.  Got to meet a bit of the crew and band, met some great people in line and while traveling and made some really good friends.  I'll be shooting several shows of The Pogues (my other favorite band in the whole entire universe) in March and have some other ones in the works for before that. 

I've pretty much quit watching TV and have rarely watched TDS/TCR in months.  I did catch part of Colbert from last night and heard the Daily Show credits last night were "modified," but I missed the repeat and can't be bothered with downloading or finding it on the CC site.  Just not that interested anymore for some reason.  I'm kind of sad about that, after all those years of watching Jon and Stephen, but life goes on.  I just have other things I need to be spending my time on.  I bought a gorgeous electric guitar a few months back, a burgundy & chrome Gibson Les Paul and we are very happy together.  Damn it's easier to play an electric than an acoustic.  I should have done this years ago.  I turn the amp way up and scare the cats, who for some reason do not realize that feedback pretty much sounds like their yowling when they fight.  They ought to be used to it.

Not posting on LJ much but I do on my own sites when I can and I've become a complete whore for Twitter.  Also ramped up Facebook a little although that place still confuses the hell out of me.  Feel free to add me or send messages, wire transfers, love notes, porn of your choice (I'll delete what I find not my thang), or the secret combination to your Porsche's glove box. 

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I am having one fucking surreal of an experience. cannot go into details. but it's very very weird. uh pray or whatever for me.

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Testing sending photos from my iPhone. Excuse the closet in the background. Have to figure out a way to change the post title and possibly add text with the photo. If you know how to do this--I'm using the iPhone LJ App--please let me know. This phone is quite possibly the greatest invention in the history of man. If you don't have one you MUST go out right now and buy it.

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